Quality wood design and craftsmanship



Our cutting boards have a unique characteristic in that they are all different in style, wood selection, and creation.

We use use hand-picked hardwood on every cutting board from our local small business.any product you buy from us.


Since 1988 our small but dedicated team of professional woodworkers, carpenters, designers and furniture manufacturers was joining forces for crafting functional and visually flawless furniture pieces.

Be it a kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture or just some garden chairs & tables – altogether we’ve got more than 1000 orders completed by now.


We know how important the visual look of your home is. This is why for as long as we’ve been designing and crafting custom and bespoke furniture, we tried to make each piece different from the previous one!

We offer a real range of additional services accompanying our furniture sales!

Besides making some outstanding regular furniture collections of all kinds, we also are up to manufacturing bespoke items of all sorts, per your request.

Though we make the most durable & premium-grade furniture in the world, at the end of the day any item has a tendency to break in a few years. We’ll

With tens of thousands of customers on our list, we’ve seen that many of you wanna participate in some auctioning action. Partnered with the Hotbey’s, we will make that happen!

The length of our combined experience and all of the skills of our craftsmen put together result in our pieces featuring high durability and tasteful visual appeal.

Whether for a fancy party, a temporary office upgrade or a movie/TV production – we are eager to rent you just about any piece of furniture you want.

When the antique furniture is concerned, depending on the period and quality its price may range. We will consult you on our broad range of vintage pieces.


From regular collections to bespoke items, from armchairs to dinner tables – we’ve got a whole range of good furniture on display here!


After me and my wife retired from our business, we’ve had a lot of free time on our hands. Not thinking for too long about what we’ll do, we’ve decided to take some good care of our home and do a major overhaul of its looks and interior. This also required us to change the furniture and equip both our dining hall and our living room with some new chairs and armchairs. Pieces crafted by this company just did fit the bill!

- James Woodward, Director of Schench

Equipping an office for 40 people is not an easy feat. As this also meant purchasing lits of brand new furniture for all of our open-space cubicles, as well as all of the cabinets for managers, we were puzzled. Thanks God we were referred to this manufacturing company, which crafted a lot of pieces for us and at the same time helped us stay on the budget. Also, the pace of their work was most impressive!

- Damien Brighton , LLHH company

As we moved into our new house in North Carolina, we were extremely eager to make sure that the interior of it matches our tastes. This meant, on par with doing some remodeling and renovation works, purchasing a new furniture. So firstly we tried to secure ourselves a new master bed and all of the bedroom furniture, including the wardrobe closet. Thankfully our friends referred us to this awesome furniture-makers!

- Damien Brighton , LLHH company